Mohan's Tattoo Inn helped Gurung become one of the country's most well-known tattoo artists. He also organizes the annual Nepal Tattoo Convention, drawing artists from around the world, and his work has also been featured in "The World Atlas of Tattoo." Six months ago he moved to Woodside, hoping to open a second shop in Manhattan. But he was drawn to Jackson Heights, where many Nepali immigrants live — including plenty of former clients.

​Jaramillo's grief-stricken grandmother stood outside the funeral on Monday and urged that person to turn him or herself in.

"I want to see you, I want to talk to you," Laura Valle said outside the church. "You kill my grandson. I can't imagine someone would just walk away from a child."​

"He starts driving and I get in the car with him," she said. "I jumped in through the window."
With her legs dangling out the driver's side window, Lesley said she felt "scared, because I thought they had a gun."
But she fought Macias and Telalyan, pulling the woman's hair and demanding the phone back.

DNAinfo. July 23, 2014

DNAinfo. October 14, 2014

"Old ladies love me," Bellas joked. "I play the right songs and I'm a young, handsome man in their eyes."

DNAinfo. October 14, 2014

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"Every year Mayor [Michael] Bloomberg is here on time ready to go. He’s here 30 minutes (before) socializing with the family members, giving us all the support," said Estrella.

"And this year [Mayor Bill de Blasio] came a lot of minutes late. 9:16 is the time that our family members passed away. We’re supposed to toll the bell. We’re not supposed to wait for him to toll the bell."

DNAinfo. December 24, 2014

The planks from the boardwalk, which once stretched from Beach 9th to Beach 126th streets, didn't disappear — they have been salvaged by private contractors and the Parks Department and have made their way into a variety of locations. The sturdy planks have been spotted at fashion shows, in skateboard ramps and decorating the Shake Shack at JFK Airport.

"I think it just happens, you know. You don’t even realize it," said Scotto, who marked her birthday on Thursday.

"Last year I thought, 'This can’t be, that I’m going to be 100.' I sat down and did the math actually. I thought, I could not trust my mind. This I had to put paper to pencil — I couldn’t believe it myself."

New York's frigid winter has sparked a northern invasion of a different kind — a cadre of adorable arctic seals flocking to area beaches, including one little guy who waddled into the Rockaways Thursday afternoon to tan, officials said.

DNAinfo. July 23, 2014

Over the past two weeks, the number of confirmed cases of antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus linked to the academy has jumped to 13, up from 6. The combined number of possible and confirmed cases has risen to 22 at the Randall's Island facility as the second training class in a row struggles with the stubborn germ.